Our mission

Alcohol.org aims to provide tools and resources to draw attention to the pervasiveness of alcoholism and invest in campaigns that catalyze conversations about America’s drinking culture to challenge the status-quo.

We strive

We strive to illuminate the serious toll of alcoholism and problematic drinking on communities & public health.

We contend

We contend misperceptions about what alcoholism looks like & the idea that problematic drinking behaviors are benign.

We challenge

We challenge cultural norms that have desensitized the public to the dangers of problematic drinking and have perpetuated dangerous drinking behaviors.

Understanding Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a chronic, lifelong disease. It's important to make a distinction between alcohol abuse and full-blown alcoholism.

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Alcoholism Treatment

When a person receives a diagnosis of alcoholism, the next important step is getting the appropriate alcoholism treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to most of your questions about alcoholism, alcohol abuse, alcoholics, and any other related topics.

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