is a comprehensive resource for research based information on the nature of alcohol abuse and addiction. A better understanding of how alcohol use can impact the brain and body is key to making positive choices that promote overall health and wellness.

Though its use has been normalized in almost every culture, alcohol is a toxin, and regular use of the substance can lead to medical, mental health, and social problems. Whether the issue is binge drinking, chronic drinking, alcoholism, or somewhere in between, alcohol can trigger an onslaught of negative consequences, not just for the person living with the alcohol use disorder but for their families as well.

The good news is that resources are available that have been proven effective in helping people to stop drinking and start a new life in recovery. At, the goal is to connect families in crisis with the knowledge, inspiration, and services that will facilitate the process of growth and healing.


Education is necessary to fully understand the scope of health issues, both physical and mental, that are caused by excessive alcohol consumption. Learning how genetics can influence the development of alcohol use disorders, exploring the neurological and physiological impact of different drinking patterns, and identifying symptoms of different varieties of alcohol use disorders can all help individuals in crisis to better understand the nature of addiction.


With knowledge comes empowerment – empowerment to accurately identify symptoms of an alcohol use disorder in oneself or a loved one, empowerment to accept that treatment is necessary, and empowerment to boldly make positive choices that will start the process of recovery. Treatment and recovery is not the path of least resistance. It is characterized by hard work, persistence, and bravery. At, the goal is to help people tap into their inner reserves and find the strength necessary to stay dedicated to the healing process.


Sustained healthy change is the primary focus in recovery, and offers the tools and resources to turn hope for sobriety into reality. Through comprehensive treatment plans, a range of holistic therapies and treatments, traditional therapy and medical care, and long-term integrated treatment and a community of support, positive change is possible – and is there to help you every step of the way.