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If you or a loved one has an alcohol problem, you might be worried about alcohol treatment cost. Although treatment for addiction to alcohol can be expensive, don't let financial concerns stop you from getting the help you need. Consider calling us. This toll-free helpline can help you find the right treatment for you at a price you can afford.

Cost of Alcohol Rehab

Inpatient rehabilitation services are a popular option for addicts seeking treatment. Rehab centers require addicts to live at the center while getting group or individual therapy. Some rehab centers can be expensive. Some intensive rehab centers can cost up to $12,000 per month, although most centers are slightly lower in price. Most admissions to rehab centers cost $3,840 in addition to the monthly cost of treatment, room and board. If you're interested in inpatient care but can't afford the high price tag, there are several options available to you.

  • Contact your health insurance company. Although not all insurance companies cover psychotherapy or other psychological interventions, your insurance may cover part or all of your rehab costs. Before enrolling in a rehab program, ask your health insurance company what services it covers. If your insurance covers inpatient rehab, you have more choices available to you than if you have to pay completely out of pocket.
  • Ask the rehab center about discounts. Some rehab centers offer discounts for clients who purchase a particular number of therapy sessions during rehab or sign up for programs of a particular length. Find out whether your rehab center offers any such discounts and how to sign up. Even if the center doesn't offer discounts, talk to the director about financial problems. Some centers may be willing to work on a sliding scale or make special arrangements for a low-income client.
  • Decide how long a stay you really need. Don't cut corners by seeking less treatment than you really need. However, a 30-day stay in rehab is going to be less expensive than a year's stay, so consider how long you want to enter treatment for. Discuss this issue with an intake counselor to try to determine what the best program is for you both financially and psychologically.

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 What If I Can't Afford the Costs of Alcohol Rehab?

If you can't afford to attend an inpatient rehab program even with discounts and insurance, you might have to look at other treatment options. Outpatient therapy is another way to get help with alcohol addiction. This type of treatment allows you to live at home and visit the treatment center for therapy sessions to help you stop drinking and to handle painful feelings that may be underneath the addiction. You can usually pay for therapy on a per session basis.

Therapy sessions usually cost between $75 and $150 per session, depending on where you go. Some therapists may offer you a discount if you pay for a block of sessions in advance.  The Department of Social Services may be able to refer you to a low-cost therapist if regular therapy prices are beyond your means.

If you can't afford therapy at all, consider attending 12-step group meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous. These meetings are free and open to the public, although some meeting leaders encourage members to donate whatever they can afford to keep the meeting running. 12-step groups offer support to alcoholics who are struggling with drinking as well as to those who have been sober for a long time.  Many rehab programs encourage addicts to seek support from Alcoholics Anonymous in addition to other treatments, so it makes sense to seek this particular treatment on your own if your finances don't allow you to seek help elsewhere.

Regardless of your financial situation, alcohol treatment cost doesn't have to stop you from getting help. Call us so you can find an affordable therapist or rehab program.

Find Out If Your Insurance Covers Rehab

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