Guide to Alcoholism Treatment

How to Get Admitted Into Alcohol Rehab

This how-to guide by American Addiction Centers can help you better understand how to be admitted into alcoholism treatment and start your journey to recovery.

Once you’ve made the decision to seek alcohol treatment, the admissions process is the next phase in your or your loved one’s recovery journey. Our alcohol rehab admissions navigators at American Addiction Centers (AAC) are here to answer your questions, facilitate payment arrangements, and assist in helping you transition smoothly into the rehabilitation facility of your choosing.

From the admissions process to navigating your insurance info and meeting facility staff members, here’s what to expect when going through the admissions process with AAC:

Contacting AAC for Alcohol Treatment

The first step to pick up the phone and call AAC may be the hardest, but we’re here to help. We want to make this process easy for you so that you can begin to regain control of your life. Our admissions navigators are ready to talk with you about what’s going on and whether you’re considering treatment for yourself or a loved one.

When you contact an AAC admissions navigator, you’ll first complete an admissions pre-assessment and have the opportunity to ask your admissions navigator any general questions you may have about treatment, the onboarding process, or other facility-related inquiries.

Before calling, be sure to have the following information available:

  • Insurance information.
  • Details of alcohol and/or other substance use (frequency, amounts, family history, etc.).

Also be ready to answer some basic questions about your mental and physical health history.

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Insurance & Payment Options For Alcoholism Treatment

When it comes to payment, admissions navigators will assist you in understanding your options for treatment. They can help verify your health insurance, make scheduled payment arrangements, or direct you to other facilities outside of AAC should you not be able to afford treatment or if it isn’t covered under your insurance.

If you’re unsure if your insurance is covered by AAC, fill out the form below for an confidential instant verification.

Traveling Out-of-State for Alcohol Treatment

We understand that traveling out-of-state to a new place can be daunting, especially if you’re traveling by yourself. We’ve made it our job to ensure that you feel taken care of every step of the way. Upon arrival at the airport, someone will be waiting at the baggage claim to travel with you to the facility so that you’re not alone. You can also use this opportunity to ask any questions about the treatment center, its staff and what daily life is like. Our friendly staff will be eager to welcome you and make you feel as comfortable as possible. 

Arriving at the Rehab Facility

Once you arrive at the facility, you’ll find a team of compassionate caregivers ready to assist you with paperwork, meeting the staff, and getting situated in your room. You’ll also complete intake forms and do a psychiatric evaluation within 24 hours of arriving. Medical staff will go over your medical history and assess any co-morbidities (i.e., the presence of two chronic diseases or conditions).

During intake, the medical staff will also determine whether there is a need for medical detoxification, any types of safety measures that need to be in place, or if you are at risk of violence or suicide. Additionally, they look at the type of support you have around you during and after your time with them. After the evaluations and full assessment are completed, they will go over your custom treatment plan will with you.

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