How to Help an Alcoholic Mother

Have you ever thought to yourself "my mom is an alcoholic"? Read on to learn how you can spot the signs of an alcoholic mother and what you can do to help if she has an issue with her alcohol consumption.

Alcoholism can affect anyone, and it is often family members who are the first to call for help. However, it can be difficult when the woman you looked up to and admired all your life has a drinking problem. Fortunately, there are a lot of options to consider when deciding on how to help an alcoholic mother. Read on to find out the common signs of an alcoholic parent and how to get your mother the help and support she needs.

How Do I Know If I Have an Alcoholic Mother?

If you are thinking, “I am afraid my mom drinks too much,” you already know she has a problem. Generally, alcoholic mothers suffer from at least three of the following problems:

In addition, an alcoholic mom may drink in secret or alone. She may also have several stashes of alcohol. She may drink and drive or drink while at work. In short, she uses alcohol to help her cope with the day. A woman is considered an alcoholic if she regularly drinks more than seven drinks a week or more than three drinks per session.

However, she may simply be a problem drinker. If she drinks very occasionally but gets violent or behaves extremely recklessly while drunk, she is a problem drinker. It is equally important to get treatment for this as well, as a problem drinker can affect the lives of those around her as badly as an alcoholic. To the person suffering from the violence or the recklessness of the problem drinker, it makes little difference whether it is an addiction or not.

Treatment Programs

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Why Does My Mom Drink So Much?

In general, alcoholics drink as a coping mechanism. She may have had a loss or be stressed at work. Alternatively, she may feel compelled to drink as she has always done it when out with friends. Whatever the reason, the important thing is to talk casually to her about it. If she gets angry or defensive, it is often because she knows that things aren’t quite right with her drinking but doesn’t want to admit it.

If she drives for a living, operates heavy machinery, or looks after small children, she needs to be sober to be safe. Alcoholism affects those around her, and the lives of others may depend on her staying sober.

How Can I Help My Alcoholic Mom?

It may be quite nerve-racking saying to someone, “I think my mom is an alcoholic.” However, It is very important to get the correct advice for your circumstances. Often, you will need to talk about treatment, but she also needs to admit that she has a problem. First, though, you need to talk to someone about her. You can get free confidential advice by calling us at any time at 1-888-685-5770 or get a text .

Calling this number will allow you to discuss and consider the best treatment options for your alcoholic mother before she develops potentially severe liver conditions such as cirrhosis or is arrested for drunk driving. Treatment will help her to recover and confront the reasons for her drinking. It will also deal with any side issues such as depression or anxiety, and she can get medication to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms.

There are several ways you can consider on how to help an alcoholic mother, but the best way is to get her the treatment she needs as soon as possible. Please call today to receive the help and support that both of you need. You can also fill out the free and confidential form below to see how her insurance covers substance abuse treatment.

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