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It is a parent's worst nightmare: The precious son you raised now has a drinking problem. Whether you know that your son has a drinking problem or you simply suspect that he does, there are ways to help him. This article will tell you how to help an alcoholic son who is suffering from this disease.

Alcoholism is a physical dependency on alcohol. An alcoholic who attempts to quit drinking will experience withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol dependency is very similar to dependency on other drugs, like heroin and crack. If you want to help an alcoholic son, you should prepare to support him and help him through the withdrawal stage.

Finding Out if your Son has Problems with Alcohol

If your son has a physical dependency on alcohol then he is an alcoholic. To determine if your son has a drinking problem, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your son drink often? Possibly every day?
  • Does your son prefer to drink alone?
  • Has drinking isolated your son and caused him to become withdrawn from family and friends?
  • Is your son trading in his old friends for new friends who drink often?
  • Does your son need to drink to have a good time?
  • Does your son seem more confident with himself and his abilities when he has been drinking?
  • Does alcohol allow him to talk to others more freely?
  • Does your son feel sad, depressed or guilty after he drinks?
  • Does he find himself in compromising situations when drinking?
  • Does he have blackouts when he drinks?
  • Does he frequently miss class or work because of his drinking?
  • Does alcohol cause him to take risks, whether with his own life or someone else's life?
  • Has he lost friends directly due to his drinking?
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What if My Son Drinks Too Much, But is Not an Alcoholic?

Someone who simply drinks too much and is not physically dependent on alcohol can still have problems in his life because of alcohol. One does not need to be an alcoholic in order for alcohol to cause problems with their family, friends and co-workers. One does not need to be an alcoholic in order to lose their job or get arrested because of alcohol. One does not need to be an alcoholic in order for alcohol to cause them to act violent or depress them so much that they have suicidal thoughts.
For these reasons, it is important to seek help for your son, whether he is an alcoholic or he simply drinks too much.

How to Help Others Struggling with Alcohol

Getting Help for Your Son

If your son has a problem with alcohol, then it is important to seek professional help. It is important to confront addicts in a certain way, so that they do not feel cornered and avoid you. Since you may not have training in addict confrontation, it may be wise to seek help from a professional before you talk to your son, rather than waiting until he has agreed to treatment. Seeking professional advice before you talk to your son may increase your chances of being successful in convincing your son to get treatment.
If you think that your son may have a drinking problem or may be an alcoholic, it is important to get him help before it causes anymore problems in his life. You can call our free, confidential and secure national help line to discuss how to help an alcoholic son, today. Our free referral service is available 24 hours a day, so that you can call at your convenience. Whether it is day or night, we are here to help.