How to Help An Alcoholic Wife

Do you find yourself living with an alcoholic wife? Read on to learn more on dealing with an alcoholic wife, some common signs your wife has a drinking problem, and how to get her the help and support she needs.

If you have ever thought “is my wife an alcoholic”, then she probably has an alcohol problem. Once you’ve accepted the fact of her problem, what you need are the best resources available to learn how to help an alcoholic wife. Start by calling us, a toll-free helpline that connects you to a world of alcoholism treatment professionals. When your desire to help comes from a place of love, you’ll be a pillar of strength throughout your wife’s recovery journey. Read on to learn more on dealing with an alcoholic wife and how to get her the help that she needs.

Is My Wife an Alcoholic?

Alcoholism is a disease and is therefore distinguishable by its symptoms. Because of their slightly different body compositions, women have a slightly lower tolerance to alcohol. As a result, the risks associated with excessive drinking are somewhat worse for women than men. If you have ever thought “my wife is an alcoholic” then she most likely is. According to the Mayo Clinic, the following signs and symptoms may indicate that your wife has a drinking problem:

  • Inability to set limits for drinking
  • Drinking alone or early in the day
  • Becoming defensive about drinking habits
  • Drinking to get drunk
  • Drinking to deal with stressful events or social encounters
  • Hiding alcohol around the house or at work
  • Legal or relationship problems as a result of alcohol

In the past, people often considered alcohol abuse to be a character defect, but that perspective has fortunately gone out of fashion. Doctors now understand that alcoholism is a complicated mental and physical disease, requiring medical intervention and focused treatment. However, an alcoholic cannot begin her recovery until she has admitted her problem.

Treatment Programs

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Find Alcoholism Treatment for Your Wife

It can be hard to know how to live with an alcoholic wife and when you discover yourself saying, “My wife drinks too much,” you know it’s time to seek the help you both need. Call us to get in touch with experts who can guide you through the initial steps of your wife’s healing process. Your responsibility throughout her recovery will be to provide an environment of love and support. Anger or judgmental language will only push your wife further away, possibly worsening her condition.

With the help of an experienced addiction counselor, an intervention can be the turning point in your wife’s disease. In a calm tone of voice, highlight the negative consequences you’ve experienced because of your wife’s drinking. Explain how alcoholism has made you and the rest of the family feel. If necessary, describe what will happen if your wife chooses not to seek the help she needs. Above all, emphasize the point that your intervention comes from a place of love and not anger.

Today’s treatment methods for alcoholism run the gamut from prescription medications to inpatient care facilities. Usually, alcoholics receive a combination of treatments designed to address every facet of their illness. The withdrawal symptoms of chronic alcoholism can be profound, but medications can effectively take the edge off the worst feelings of anxiety, fear, or physical discomfort. Arguably, the most important step in any alcoholic’s recovery consists of group and individual therapy. Support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous provide gathering places where former drinkers can share their strength and hope. By attending a support group, your wife increases her odds of achieving life-long sobriety and happiness. Individual therapy is equally important. Many people develop alcoholism as a response to an underlying mental illness. Identifying and seeking help for such a mental illness can potentially reduce the craving to drink.

This national, toll-free helpline will give you access to countless resources and treatment professionals. If you truly want to know how to help and deal with living with an alcoholic wife by getting her the treatment she needs, then make the call now. 

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