The Effects of Mixing Mushrooms and Alcohol

Get information about how and why people become addicted to and mix substances like mushrooms and alcohol, including calming the nervous system.

You should be aware of the effects of mixing mushrooms and alcohol before you take these two drugs together. Although alcohol can initially lessen the unpleasant effects of taking mushrooms, such as nausea and paranoia, drinking while on mushrooms can make you sick. If you can’t resist taking mushrooms and alcohol together, you might have an addiction to mushrooms and/or alcohol. Consider calling us to get help if you think you are addicted.

If you or someone you know exhibits signs of mushrooms and alcohol addiction, it may be time to seek professional help. Our admissions navigators are available 24/7 at 1-888-685-5770 to provide guidance and information on various treatment options. Please call today.

Are You Addicted to Mushrooms and Alcohol?

Mushrooms are a psychedelic drug that causes users to hallucinate and experience heightened emotional states. Some people take this drug recreationally, although it’s possible to become addicted to it. People who are addicted to mushrooms may also become addicted to alcohol because alcohol can help calm the nervous system down while the person experiences the altered reality associated with mushrooms. You may be addicted to mushrooms and/or alcohol if any of the following is true for you:

  • You experience flashbacks between mushroom trips. Occasional mushroom use won’t trigger flashbacks – hallucinations while sober that are similar to those you experienced while on the drug. If you overuse mushrooms, however, you may suddenly re-experience a hallucination while sober. Experiencing flashbacks doesn’t necessarily mean you are addicted, but it can point towards an addiction problem.
  • Desire to use mushrooms when unpleasant or painful things happen in your life. Mushrooms help users escape reality. It can therefore be tempting to use them when you are struggling with painful feelings or don’t know how to solve a problem in your life. If you’re using mushrooms to escape pain or are tempted to do so on a regular basis, you might be dealing with an addiction to mushrooms.
  • You use mushrooms and alcohol together. It’s dangerous to mix mushrooms and alcohol. Mushrooms severely impair your judgment and alter your perception of reality, so you might not be aware of when you’ve overdosed on alcohol if you drink while taking mushrooms. You may become nauseated and vomit as a result of overindulging in alcohol while on mushrooms. You also may become dependent on alcohol to take away fear and pain associated with bad mushroom trips. If you can’t use mushrooms without drinking, you may be addicted to one or both drugs or to the combination of mushrooms and alcohol.

Concerns of Mixing Alcohol with Other Drugs

Free and low-cost alcoholism treatment is available.

Treatment for Addiction to Mushrooms and Alcohol

Addiction to mushrooms and alcohol can be dealt with in a variety of ways.  Since this addiction is psychological rather than physical, mushroom users don’t usually have to go through a detoxification program before they can enter an inpatient rehabilitation program. Inpatient programs require users to live at a rehabilitation center with other recovering addicts. Patients attend individual and group counseling sessions and may also participate in 12-step programs to get support for their attempts to get and stay sober. Inpatient programs last anywhere from 30 days to a year, depending on the addict’s needs and the severity of the addiction.

Some patients do better with outpatient treatment than with living at a rehab center. Outpatient treatment allows the addict to continue living at home and participate in daily activities such as going to work or taking care of children. The addict then goes to a treatment center to receive therapy or other help on an outpatient basis. Many people switch to outpatient treatment for a while after they complete an inpatient program so that they don’t fall back into their old habits, but you can also choose to get outpatient treatment without completing an inpatient program if you wish.

If the effects of mixing mushrooms and alcohol on your life include feeling like you are out of control, don’t suffer in silence.  Call us to find the treatment option that works best for you so that you can take your life back from mushroom and alcohol addiction.