30-Day Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Programs

A 30 Day Inpatient rehab is an effective way to treat alcoholism. Learn what inpatient rehab programs consist of and what alcohol abuse treatment options are available near you.

30-Day Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

The severity of a client’s physical and psychological addiction to alcohol generally dictates the length of his or her treatment.

Before undergoing alcohol treatment and rehabilitation, it is important for clients to know that each patient undergoes a different treatment process. Some patients need to undergo a long, intensive rehab process, and others will be able to enroll in a short-term program, such as a 30-day alcohol rehab program. Each individual struggling with alcohol addiction has different physical and psychological needs. The severity of a client’s physical and psychological addiction to alcohol generally dictates the length of his or her treatment.

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Is 30 Day Alcohol Rehab for Me?

One-month alcohol rehab programs are certainly not for everyone. Individuals who have severe addictions to alcohol generally have a host of health problems as well. These individuals often need treatments that last much longer than 30 days. Kidney failure, internal bleeding and liver cirrhosis are just some of the issues that most individuals who drink excessively have to deal with. Patients with weak organs generally need to undergo a longer and less intense detoxification process. However, those with mild to moderate addictions to alcohol do not have as much alcohol in their bloodstreams, and can detoxify their bodies effectively with a 30-day alcohol treatment.

Many individuals who suffer from problems with substance abuse prefer short-term treatment programs. It is easier for clients to stay motivated for 30 days than it is for them to stay motivated for six or more months. Short-term programs are also much cheaper than long-term treatment programs, and they often include many of the same services that longer programs offer. One of the best aspects of short-term programs is that they are adaptable. A client could start in a short-term program and decide to prolong treatment if he or she needs more help. In fact, most treatment facilities allow short-term patients to extend their stay.

Because each patient has different needs, there is no way to determine exactly how long an alcohol rehab program should be. Many rehabilitation centers offer ongoing support to patients who have completed a treatment program, regardless of their length of stay. Depending on the rehabilitation facility, this support generally comes in the form of group and individual counseling.

Speak to an Alcohol Addiction Specialist

If you feel that a 30-day program may be too short, you should know that professional addiction specialists with extensive experience in the detoxification and healing process design these programs.

These professionals design short-term programs with specific types of individuals in mind. First-time clients with mild to moderate addictions who have never enrolled in a drug treatment facility are considered prime candidates for short-term rehabilitation programs. Individuals who have already started the process of weaning themselves off alcohol but need a great deal of support are prime candidates as well. Individuals who are nervous about the treatment process and do not feel comfortable committing to a long-term program are also great candidates.

Some practitioners believe that the length of each patient’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment is what determines each patient’s success. However, countless patients undergo long-term alcohol treatments and eventually relapse, and many patients successfully complete short-term programs and remain drug and alcohol-free for life. The success that an individual experiences is based on his or her level of commitment. Rehabilitation specialists, family members and close friends are necessary for support; however, it is the individual who ultimately decides whether or not to stay sober.

Alcohol Inpatient Rehab Program Hotline to Call

If you or a loved one suffers from alcohol addiction, it is important to get help, particularly because of the severe damage alcohol can cause to the body. Call our hotline to get information on a 30-day alcohol rehab program or any type of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. You can also use the below form to check your health insurance’s addiction treatment coverage.