All of the following websites offer investigative reporting into the nature of different substances as well as in-depth histories, profiles of different states and organizations, and tips and insights into how to apply all this information to your own life if you are living with an alcohol use disorder.

Alcohol Abuse Resources

People who struggle with alcohol use disorder (AUD) and other kinds of problem drinking come from all parts of the socioeconomic spectrum; they may have good jobs and private insurance, or they may struggle with unemployment or homelessness. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) lists, in their Principles of Effective Treatment, that having access to various types of effective treatment is important to recovery. This includes myriad approaches to treatment as well as different levels of access, including free and low-cost options.

Fortunately, state and local governments provide several resources; nonprofits and religious charities offer various support group-based programs; and federal insurance programs offer help getting evidence-based treatment. Here are a few options for free or low-cost alcohol abuse treatment.

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Free Alcohol Treatment Help

Low-Cost and Government Assistance for Recovery from Alcohol Abuse