Attending Alcohol Addiction Group Counseling

Find out more about the benefits of group counseling, including a sense of support instilled by those who have tackled the problem before.

Group alcohol addiction counseling allows people suffering from similar ailments to come together and gain strength through shared experiences and support. Many alcohol treatment centers and programs include group alcohol abuse counseling as part of their overall treatment goals, and the benefits gained from working towards shared goals in a group can have lasting effects on those suffering from alcohol abuse and addiction. For help finding group counseling services in your area for yourself or a loved one, you can call 1-888-685-5770 .

Prevalence of Alcohol Addiction Group Therapy

Large national organizations, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, offer meeting services throughout the United States. Smaller groups, including neighborhood and community treatment centers, may also be found in larger cities. Each group tackles the problems associated with alcohol addiction in a different fashion, and the treatment program is normally based on the shared beliefs of the organization’s members or the studies of a research program. Assistance may also be offered through local religious organizations, community action partnerships and similar entities designed to help families overcome addiction-related issues.

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The benefits of group counseling include a sense of support instilled by those who have tackled the problem before or are still struggling to avoid alcohol abuse. Many sufferers of alcohol addiction struggle with the problems caused by their abuse for years, and they gain additional strength through being able to help others deal with similar problems. Many members will come to the meeting with varying levels of experience and success, and each can share their knowledge of the pitfalls and benefits of overcoming alcohol abuse. Outsiders who have never suffered the physical, mental and social problems caused by addiction can help during the detoxification and recovery process, but do not have the explicit knowledge and experience that other sufferers share. A group of like-minded individuals can often accomplish more than a single person may manage with willpower alone. Call our confidential support line for more information on the benefits of group counseling. You can also fill out a quick contact form for more information on convincing your loved ones to use these methods.


Local meetings are always preferable as they reduce those barriers to manageable levels for many members. Pride is often the most common barrier to group counseling for alcohol addiction. Many alcohol abusers refuse to admit that they have a problem, and they continue to refuse any treatment on that basis. Some potential group members may attend meetings to discover just how close to addiction they are and quickly confirm that they are or aren’t addicted. Others are likely to know themselves that they are addicted but refuse to admit that to others. Groups help overcome this barrier as many members themselves originally denied having problems related to alcohol abuse. A secondary barrier may be the time or travel requirements for meetings. Local meetings are always preferable as they reduce those barriers to manageable levels for many members.

Group Alcohol Abuse Counseling Treatments

Alcoholics Anonymous and similar organizations follow a twelve-step program designed to help members acknowledge and deal with the problems caused by their addiction. Other organizations may direct the faithful to put their belief in a specific higher power, or may find similar justifications beyond the immediate and obvious needs caused by alcohol abuse. Each center will rely on its own treatment methods based on what has worked in their respective groups over time, and no single method exists that works perfectly for all people. A sufferer of alcohol abuse may wish to try other groups until one is found with beliefs and options that fit personal needs. For more information on group alcohol addiction counseling, benefits and treatment options call us.