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24552 Pacific Park Drive, Aliso Viejo, California, 92656
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Facility Summary

As Orange Countys first chemical dependency recovery hospital (CDRH), Laguna Treatment Hospital provides research-based clinical and support services for adults suffering with drug and/or alcohol addiction and for those with co-occurring mental health disorders.

Programs & Services
Co-Occuring Disorder Treatment
At American Addiction Centers, we treat the whole person. All AAC facilities provide the highest-quality care for co-occurring disorders, such as addiction and depression.
Safe Medical Detox
You’re in good hands with us during detox. You’ll be safe and comfortable, attended to 24/7 by our doctors and nurses. We utilize the revolutionary EarlySense technology to monitor your vital signs while you sleep.
Addiction Focused Healthcare
We provide sub-acute programing for substance abuse disorder. This offers 24/7 medical supervision in a live-in environment at our facilities for patients in need of a higher level of medical care and mental health services that is fully focused on recovery in a sober environment.
Inpatient Residential
All of our facilities welcome patients in residential rehabilitation where we provide live-in treatment that is fully focused on recovery in a sober environment.
Coronavirus Testing
An FDA - EUA approved PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test that will help determine if you have a current, active COVID-19 infection.
Joint Commission Accreditation
National Association for Behavioral Healthcare Membership
Fair Care Promise: Our Commitment to Patients
Licensed Chemical Dependency Recovery Hospital

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Treatment Approach

Evidence-Based Treatment

Laguna Treatment center is Orange County’s first chemical dependency recovery hospital, offering a fully integrated, hospital-based detox and a residential inpatient program. We provide comprehensive continuum of care and offer research-based clinical and support services for adults suffering with addiction as well as co-occurring disorders.

Our evidence-based treatment approaches during the detox process include medication-assisted therapy (MAT) and maintenance medications that may continue throughout treatment and post-discharge.

Treatment Modalities and Specialized Groups

All patients will consult with the medical director within 24 hours of admission to determine an individualized treatment plan and will undergo blood and urine testing to identify any underlying diseases or health conditions. Patients will also speak with a lead psychiatrist to determine which therapies should be a part of their treatment regimen. Our facility also includes detox beds which feature EarlySense technology for 24-hour monitoring of patient condition.


Patients are provided with fully furnished double rooms which come with 2 double beds and a shared en-suite bathroom. Single occupancy rooms come with a queen-sized bed and private en-suite bathroom and are offered at an additional cost. Single room residents enjoy upgraded linens, mini-fridge, an in-room coffee maker and a TV (for a small fee).

Meet the Staff

Dr. Paul Little
Clinical Manager

Dr. Little has spent more than half of his 20 years of experience in medicine focused on treating addiction. Dr. Little is a diplomate of the American Academy of Family Physicians, California Chapter of Family Medicine, the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the California Society of Addiction Medicine. Witnessing first-hand his own family’s struggles with addiction, his treatment philosophy includes family members whenever possible.

Stefanie Magalong
Clinical Director

For more than 10 years, Stefanie Magalong, LPCC has treated mental health conditions in various populations, nearly half that time spent among patients struggling with substance use disorders. During her career, she has treated active duty military members, service members and police officers struggling with substance use/mental health conditions. She has also worked as a methadone counselor and an outpatient therapist, facilitating groups focused on relapse prevention, developing coping skills, and living a sober life.

Jan Bresson
Director of Nursing

Centering her career around helping those with substance use disorders, Jan Bresson has been a registered nurse for 25 years. Having lost her own daughter to addiction in 2004, her passion for this work is highly personal. Her experience includes directing a residential treatment program in Arizona for addiction, PTSD, eating disorders, and anxiety, as well as co-founding a detox and addiction treatment program in Indianapolis, IN.

For Families


Upon the patient’s admission, if given consent, Laguna’s clinical team will contact the patient’s family within 24 hours to share information on their arrival process. Family members looking to contact their loved ones may contact the staff directly.

Family therapy is available with the consent of both parties. Skype, telephone, or in-person meetings may be facilitated through the patient’s therapist in order stay connected during this time. Our team can also help family members find support groups in their area such as Al-Anon or Narc-Anon.

Visiting Your Loved One

During your loved one’s treatment, we can work with you to plan a visit. Their treatment team will provide you with all of the information you need to schedule your visit.

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